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My name is Rachel Carr and I started This Is Carrt in 2014 when my husband's job moved to Germany and I decided to give up my day job in the city and go with him on the adventure! I had always loved to travel and write, and was also passionate about photography so one day I sat down and mingled all three of them on this website and my Etsy page. I write about a wide range of things like how to cope with airline hand luggage allowances to what to wear to any destination wedding. However, when I write up a holiday destination, there are more often than not a few common themes linking what are otherwise very different places:

1) Food. I love to eat. It structures my day to day life as well as any trip that I go on. I think food is a great way to start to experience a new culture as well as meeting new people.

2) Value. I don't get swayed by places to be seen and clothing to be seen in for the sake of it. I hate being ripped off. Be that by a fiver or by hundreds of pounds. If an activity or an excursion I go on is expensive but an amazing experience, I will still highly recommend it, but won't recommend it simply because it is deemed luxury.

3) Beauty. I love looking at pretty things. They don't have to have a purpose!

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Our Blog - Dedicated to Travel, Food, Lifestyle and Fashion

With a love of travel and writing as well as a passion for photography, this blogsite and my Etsy page mingles all three.

The Liebster Award

Rachel Carr

I am super excited to announce that a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be selected for the Liebster Award, which seeks to honour new bloggers by other bloggers. I had the privilege of being nominated by the lovely Anna from Postcards from the World. To take part in the award, she asked me to answer the below questions, and then go on to ask my own 11 questions to a handful of other bloggers that I would like to nominate myself.

So here goes!

1.      How did traveling change your life?

Travelling has always been a large part of my life from a young age. My parents have passed on to me their own inherent love of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures. I passionately believe that seeing where and how others live can make you a better person. Plus getting away from your home can often give you perspective on your own life. I now get very restless if I don't have a trip, long or short, booked at some point in the future.

I love my home town of London, but I also love flying out of it on holiday! Especially when you are given views like this! (If you like this image, you can buy it here.)

My trusty fixed lens camera.

2.     What is the photography gear you are using and why?

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to taking photos on my travels as, though I obviously love photography, I am aware that there is a fine line between taking pictures of enjoyable memories and actually actively making said memories. If I'm always behind the lens, I can't always enjoy the moment. For that reason, I tend to stick to my fixed lens 50mm on my Canon 600D, though I always lug my 70mm to 300mm zoom on holiday with me, just in case! I also have a GoPro Hero4 which I use for when I'm in the water. Lastly, I take a mini tripod on my travels as it's small and can be pretty invaluable for team shots or when a steadier hand than mine is needed.

3.      What is your most precious travel memory?

It may sound corny, but simply driving an hour and a half from my then home in London to RAF Brize Norton to collect my husband (then boyfriend) when he returned from a six month operational tour in Afghanistan. Other than that, I love travelling to countries to see my friends get married. They always choose fabulous places!

4.      What is the most beautiful place you have seen?

I have to cheat here as I have too many! Two that stick out in my mind though is the beautiful island resort of Baros, Maldives. A true idyll both above and below the water. Secondly, would be the East Coast of Barbados near the village of Bathsheba. It has a rugged charm with a stunning coast line.

The stunning coast line at Bathsheba

5.      What was the weirdest dish you have ever had in a foreign country?

I am pretty lucky that whilst I will tend to give most foods a go, I haven't had too many horror stories. My husband and I inadvertently ate cows' nipples however on a recent road trip. They tasted absolutely fine, but it was the texture that makes me feel a bit squeamish even now.

6.      What advice would you give to others that travel solo?

Remember to smile and constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone.

7.      What was the funniest language misunderstanding you’ve ever had?

I currently live in Germany and have a very small grasp of the language - I am numb to linguistic misunderstandings now! However, on my recent European road trip with my husband where we had travelled through Portugal, Spain, France and finally home to Germany, we ate out in a Greek restaurant the night we arrived back. I found that I couldn't even speak to the poor waiter in my own mother tongue and just had to point at what I wanted on the menu. I was so confused!

8.      What is the country you would never go back to and the country you’d love to visit again?

I found visiting Japan one of the most interesting places I have ever been. It was just so so different to any country that I had visited up until that point. I'd love the chance to go back during the cherry blossom season. Just after I visited Japan, I backpacked to Thailand which at that point I wasn't such a fan of. I found it exhausting being seen as walking ATM at the time, but I'd still like to return as there was so much of the country I didn't see, and I think I may have been just too inexperienced a backpacker at the time!

9.      How much time do you spend on working on your blog?

Not as much as I would like, but I spend about thirty hours a week on both my blog and my travel photography that I sell through Etsy.

One of my favourite pictures that I sell at my Etsy shop.

10.  What is your dream job?

Travel blogger!

11.  How do you take photos of people during your travels?

Badly in the main! If I have friends around I get FOMO from not being in the action if I'm taking pictures of it.

The Rules of The Liebster Award

1.      Write an article about this nomination and link back to the website of the nominator.

2.      Accept and answer the questions given to you.

3.      Come up with 11 new questions yourself.

4.      Nominate bloggers you would like to answer your questions.

5.      They then write an article about this nomination on their blog and link back to the website of their nominator.

My Nominees

Ezner Azul

Ezner's fabulous blog is a lot of fun. His clear passion for travel, photography and style shine through and his posts are a pleasure to read.

Rose and Champagne

Gemma's elegant blog is wonderfully girly and feminine. She likes the finer things in life and gives honest opinions on all her travels as well as writing about lifestyle and fashion. Well worth a visit!

Trick For Trip

Liza's travel blog and instagram feed is incredibly stylish. Her travels are all about good value trips that don't cost the earth, but don't scrimp on life experiences.

Bunny Free Blogger

By her own admission, Annie has a serious case of the travel bug and documents her time on her beautiful blog.

Questions for My Nominees

1. Which country that you have visited has the best cuisine?

2. What social media do you use to track your travels?

3. What travel accounts on social media are your favourites?

4. Do you prefer single or group travel?

5. Are you ever aware of your carbon foot print whilst traveling? If yes, do you try to lower it in any way?

6. What is your preferred way to travel?

7. What destination that you have visited has surprised you the most?

8. Where is next on your hit list?

9. What destination does not interest you in the slightest?

10. What is your earliest travelling memory?

11. Where do you like to return to again and again?

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