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My name is Rachel Carr and I started This Is Carrt in 2014 when my husband's job moved to Germany and I decided to give up my day job in the city and go with him on the adventure! I had always loved to travel and write, and was also passionate about photography so one day I sat down and mingled all three of them on this website and my Etsy page. I write about a wide range of things like how to cope with airline hand luggage allowances to what to wear to any destination wedding. However, when I write up a holiday destination, there are more often than not a few common themes linking what are otherwise very different places:

1) Food. I love to eat. It structures my day to day life as well as any trip that I go on. I think food is a great way to start to experience a new culture as well as meeting new people.

2) Value. I don't get swayed by places to be seen and clothing to be seen in for the sake of it. I hate being ripped off. Be that by a fiver or by hundreds of pounds. If an activity or an excursion I go on is expensive but an amazing experience, I will still highly recommend it, but won't recommend it simply because it is deemed luxury.

3) Beauty. I love looking at pretty things. They don't have to have a purpose!

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10 Fine Art Photographs That Make The Perfect Christmas Presents

Our Blog - Dedicated to Travel, Food, Lifestyle and Fashion

With a love of travel and writing as well as a passion for photography, this blogsite and my Etsy page mingles all three.

10 Fine Art Photographs That Make The Perfect Christmas Presents

Rachel Carr

Etsy is such a great place for so many reasons. One is the abundance of ludicrously priced art that is on offer that suits so many tastes, styles and interiors. Below are my top ten that I cannot recommended highly enough.

This image from Jodex Photo is a delicate, yet strong, example of macro photography at its best. It also, like a lot of shots from this shop, shows the beauty of mother nature. The photographer, Jenny Harper also loves a humorous picture or two. They have to be seen to be believed, but are must buys for Star Wars and Lego lovers!!

Cassia Beck's eponymous shop stocks dreamy, pastel coloured photography prints as well as phone covers amongst other arty paraphernalia. Her pretty aesthetic has a retro feel across the whole range that makes all her prints suitable for a whole host of walls in people's homes.

Keri Bevan is simply one of my favourite photographers on Etsy. Her modern and colourful style and shots of London appeal to my whimsical nature, as do the rest of her images from around the globe. There is something in her shop to suit everyone - even those who don't even know they like fine art photography!

This eerie image is from the photographer Nicola Taylor is a prime example of the rest of her work, which she sells through her Etsy shop Nicola Taylor Photo. The colours in this particular shot would suit many rooms that have the popular grey colour scheme that seems to be doing the rounds of suburban homes in the UK at the moment - though that shouldn't take away from the fact that its a fantastic photograph in its own right.

This image of several tiny little lit up hearts is actually sold as an aid for fellow photographers, but I love it as an image in itself. I can see it in many a girly room! Be that the room of an 8 year old or a 38 year old woman! Put this in a cheap Ribba frame from Ikea and you have yourself an artwork that homestores like John Lewis or Heal's would charge four times as much for.

I simply don't have the patience to take shots like this on my camera. So I have the utmost respect for Adam Clark, of Adam Clark Photography, whose shop is full if these slow shutter speed images. They create a feeling of calm that looks so chic in black and white. He also manages to capture some pictures that are ideal for any nature enthusiasts this Christmas.

I love the colours of Autumn and they are captured here, by Ros Berryman at Fizz studio, beautifully. The rest of her shop is very much worth a look for lovers of nature and those looking for excellent value art. I usually prefer framed prints, but a number of Berryman's shots would look great, blown up on a canvas. Just remember to ask for a custom order!

I love New York. I love images of New York. I love images of New York in my home. None more so than this shot from HQ Photos which is ludicrously good value, with prices starting at just £20. This small shop is laden with city scapes and urban skylines that would befit any blank wall in a house. This is a must see shop. 

Anyone who has read my blog post on my love of doors (!) will know that I'm quietly obsessed with them and as a extension of that, gates. Particularly wrought iron ones like this, taken by Judith Kimber of Judith Kimber Photo. It is typical of her work that has a massive emphasis on both texture and colour that would suit most tastes in most homes. I defy anyone not to find something they like in Judith's shop.

I sell this image at my own shop on Etsy. I love it for personal and artistic reasons alike. Th personal being that I took it at one of my favourite places in the world - the town of Saint Girons, just south of Toulouse.  Artistically speaking, I like the composition as well as how the light and shade really draw out the texture of these huge bulbs of garlic.

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